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ITS - Intelligent Trolley Service

The personal guide to a stress free airport experience
- always keep updated with you flight/gate info and the latest offers.

Provide a stress-free experience with ITS

To truly move closer to the passenger as a consumer, airports and malls must first know who their consumers are. Unfortunately, traditional app based solutions have failed to gain sufficient usage to tackle this issue: As a rule – after approximately a decade with smartphones - airports, malls and their retailers still do not know who is in their site on any given day, where they are travelling to or what their preferences might be based on previous behaviour.

That is why we have developed ITS - a context aware trolley service - which acts as the passenger’s personal guide through the airport or mall.

ITS Administration
ITS Hardware
ITS User interface
Applicable industries
Benefits with ITS

Click-On solution


For your existing luggage or shopping trolleys

Integrated solution


Mounted on the scanable trolley made by Exruptive

Click on the trolley to read more about the trolley design.

Read more about the trolley design by Exruptive

User Interface

The User Interface on the intelligent tablet is the direct connection between the airport/mall and the trolley users. It acts as a personal guide throughout the journey in the airport or mall. Below is a visual prototype.

Content menu
Interactive map
iInformation bar
Location marker
Content menu panel
Instant boarding notifications
ITS Administration

ITS Administration panel

The ITS Administration panel entails a Content Management System where the administrators of ITS - such as airport operators and mall operators - from a web-based dashboard are able to:

  • Add and manage Points of Interest to the map of your site (e.g. shops, restaurants, services and more)

  • Add and manage various promotions and offers from your shops

  • Push important notifications and events directly to the user
  • See a live map overview of where all trolleys are located on your site

  • See a list of all trolleys that are in use, need to be charged or serviced and more

Read more about the Business Intelligence acquisition of ITS


The hardware of ITS

The mounting unit serves as protection and fixation of the tablet. It has space for an interchangeable
battery pack and recharges the tablet when parked in the designated parking units. 

The mounting unit comes as a click-on solution for existing trolleys or as an integrated part of the commercial intelligence trolley. Careful considerations towards design for manufacture and assemby has been made.

Charging coil (top)
USB port (bottom)
Mounting unit
(design depends on click-on or integrated)

Indoor Positioning Systems

ITS utilizes two types of positioning systems: 1) Standard IPS technologies for general blue dot positioning in open areas and 2) a positioning system based on ultra-sound for more accurate results inside stores.

IPS agnostic

The ITS application has an agnostic interface towards Indoor Positioning Systems, meaning we can integrate with most of the standard IPS solutions.

Ultra-sound positioning

The tablet hardware of ITS has an integrated ultra-sound receiver that allows the app to provide a very accuracte position on the map. 


Wireless charging

The mounting unit has an integrated coil for wireless charging of the tablet.

When docked in our docking stations, the coil on the munting unit will touch the charging units in the docking station, thus charging the tablet without plugging anything in and without using wires.

USB charging

Users of ITS will be able to charge their personal devices such as smartphones and tablets via a USB gate on the intelligent tablet.


User benefits with ITS

The Intelligent Trolley Service provides a long range of benefits for both the site that provides ITS and the user. Below are a some of the key benefits for the user:

Real-time navigation

The mapping and real-time positioning of ITS, allows the user to navigate easily via the tablet

Updated information

ITS provides info and wayfinding to every Point of Interest on a site such as shops and services. Furthermore it will notify the user whenever an important event occurs - e.g. a gate announcement.

Relevant offers

ITS offers a new and direct promotional platform, which provides contextual offers based on the user's location or preferences.

Stress-free experience

As ITS will always keep the users up to date, it allows them focus on leisure time rather than being stressed.


Shopping malls


Applicable industries

Applicable industries for ITS

The Intelligent Trolley Service will also be applicable to other industries than just airports.

Examples of other industries where some of the same opportunites can be seized are:

Because it offers a new way of delivering content to airport passengers, the Exruptive intelligent trolley concept could enable us to deliver better passenger engagement through an enhanced content-driven shopping experience, driving penetration and conversion both for us and our brand partners.


Tony Phillips, Global Contentainment Manager, Dufry

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