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Business Intelligence

Take full advantage of Big Data and understand your passengers

We combine the novel tablet and trolley platform with an embedded airport management
and Business Intelligence system that gives airports a range of advantages, including the ability to:


  • identify passengers

  • create loyalty programs and

  • increase advertising- and commercial revenue from airport shopping areas


These Big Data applications will support and enhance airport services and business offers in a number of ways, including


  • the enabling of crowd- and queue management

  • increased airport efficiency

  • additional security applications

  • tracing of late passengers and more

The software system developed by Exruptive is a platform consisting of three main parts:
Tablet UI - the passenger interface on the
trolley's tablet

Back-end - System administration for Exruptive
staff to make updates including Trolley management and ads/content administration

Along with the tablet, the tracing system allows passengers to receive live way-finding and enables airport, retailers and airlines to track and analyze the passengers' patterns.

The intelligent tablet on the trolley is the link between the passenger and the airport and airlines. It allows the airport and airlines to push information directly to each 
individual passenger.

Key Features

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