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Our Solutions

Our aim is to provide airports worldwide with solutions that optimize security,
the passenger experience, airport commercial areas and the airport service itself.

The next generation Cabin baggage scanner


ITS - Intelligent Trolley Service - is a brand new platform for customer interaction, promotional opportunities and BI acquistion in airports

Exruptive Trolley

A sturdy and nimble hand-luggage trolley suited for our new security system in airports 

To me, the Exruptive value proposition is a game changer. The idea of combining state of the art security screening technology with attractive customer experience design, while also offering airports and retailers easy-to-use commercial and operational platforms and tools is truly brilliant …
Looks like a breakthrough solution to me. 

Herman Gyr, Innovation guru and co-founder of Enterprise Development Group >

Exruptive Security

Bring screening of carry-on luggage into the future

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