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Exruptive Trolley

The Exruptive Trolley is injection moulded in composite material and is therefore compatible with our Trolley Security scanner. Combined, the trolley and our security scanner creates a seamless journey from security to gate, making the passengers less stressed through security and allows them to enter the commercial area and gates quicker and happier than ever before.

Integrated tablet
Multiple basket designs
Scanner compatible frame
Stackable design
Intelligent tablet

The trolley can be provided with the integrated intelligent tablet, which provides the user with an array of features such as pushing information about flight and gate, informing when it is time to board and  much more.

The interface on the tablet also encompasses a content menu that enables the user to see information about shops and services in the airport or mall.

These features are accompanied by a way-finding system that always shows the users their current position on a map - and if chosen, a path to a chosen point of interest - be it gate, restaurant or restroom.

The Intelligent Tablet

The trolley has a multiple basket platform with different storage room designs and sizes which allows the individual airport to choose the exact type and shape of basket that suits their needs.

Basket design

Multiple basket
Full Plastic Mold

Scanner compatible

The entire trolley - everything from frame, mounting unit, basket and wheels - is made from a sturdy plastic material that makes it durable for daily use and allows it to be scanned in our trolley scanner for airport security.


Optimizing space is a key aspect for every airport as the cost per square meter - especially on airside - is extremely high.

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