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Exruptive Security

The next generation X-ray scanning for screening of carry-on luggage in airports is under development -  C3 certification is scheduled for testing January 2022

The scanner
New security process
Replacing the trays
Operator images

The rising hassle and cost of airport security


Whereas the average number of passengers that passed through security was 350 per hour per line 15 years ago, the number is now less than half of that and in some instances as low as 60 passengers per hour. As a result, 95% of all passengers find the security process stressful and intimidating.


We are developing an X-ray scanning system with enhanced, proprietary ECAC security standard C3 certifiable X-ray technology that eliminates the need for passengers to unpack complex electronics and liquids when going through security. The throughput per scanner line will be 450 passengers or more per hour, double to triple that of existing tray based solutions.


Replacing the traditional trays with our scanable trolley

The Trolley Security Scanner combines a new and innovative X-ray technology with a never before seen method that disrupts the entire way of thinking airport security scanning.


By taking away the standard trays that are part of the current security procedure, the Trolley Security Scanner and the scanable plastic trolley allow the passengers to prepare themselves long before reaching the security scanner. At the same time it allows the passengers to keep their belongings within their backpacks and suitcases.


All this combined creates a stress free procedure for both passengers and security staff, increases the security throughput by 450+/hour, allowing the airport passengers to enter the commercial area and gates more satisfied and stress-free than ever before.


Good day

Read more about the trolley design by Exruptive


A new and stress-free journey through security

  •  Our trolley replaces the current trays

  •  Place your hand-luggage on the trolley

  •  Passenger identification on trolley            

  •  Security guidance via trolley screen

  •  Prepare for security at your own pace

  •  Keep electronics and liquids in bags

  •  Insert trolley with belongings in scanner

  •  Personal screening in WTMD/body scan

  •  Receive trolley again when cleared

  •  The touch screen on the trolley provides:

    • Personal guidance to shops and gate

    • New commercial platform for airport

    • Valuable data intelligence

Before security
During security
After security

The security scanner

We develop a brand new and innovative way of screening the passenger's carry-on luggage

Scanner inlet

Trolley manipulator

and inlet buffer

Scanner unit

Scanner outlet

Manual check

New security screening technology


The new scanner that are under development uses Multi-energy X-ray technology to create unique images for the operator that will be able to detect illegal substances with a much higher precision than with current technologies.

Standard X-ray images

  • Colorcoding according to category:
    orange = organics, green = glass, blue = metals

  • Items still superimposed

  • Difficult to discern dangerous organic materials from harmless

  • In the case displayed above, all three bottles would call for investigation, even if the content is safe (water, soft drinks).

  • Electronics and liquids must therefore be unpacked during security process

Exruptive's X-ray images

  • Accurate materials identification with multi-energy

  • Colorcoding in harmless (green) or dangerous (red)

  • Accurate positioning of safe objects
    > Vastly reduction in false alarms


  • Accurate positioning of dangerous goods
    > less time spent searching the luggage manually


  • No need to unpack electronics and liquids from luggage before security


Benefits for airport, staff and passenger


The new process and technology in Exruptive Security creates significant benefits for both the airport and its security operators as well as the passengers, by providning a much more efficient and stress-free security process.

Easy preparation

The new process with the trolley allows the passengers to prepare at their own pace before security

Improved technology

Our technology ensures a safer screening process without divestment of electronics and liquids

Increased throughput

Combining new technology and a new process triples the throughput, reaching 450+ pax/line/hour

Seamless process

Using the trolley as a mean for both security and com-mercial purposes links the process from security to gate

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