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Breakthrough in Airport Security: New innovative solution combines both security and passenger facilitation at airport checkpoints

Copenhagen, Paris - April 8, 2016


Exruptive, InnospeXion and MultiX are cooperating on a project to develop an innovative solution for airport checkpoints that combines security with passenger facilitation. Exruptive is developing a sophisticated, next generation X-ray screening technology and combining their extensive knowledge and insights of passenger flows and processes, novel communication platforms and business intelligence solutions. The solution will offer:


1) A secure checkpoint system with improved passenger facilitation and higher throughput, reducing or even eliminating waiting time and passenger stress through the security process;


2) Highly valuable, hitherto unavailable real time business and operational data to airport retailers and operators;


3) A CAPEX light, full service business model that significantly reduces the risk for airport decision makers.


Exruptive’s ambition is to become the preferred technology and service partner to customers in the airport industry based on a unique and sustainable competitive position. For this innovative project, Exruptive has selected:


1) InnospeXion to design, industrialize and build up the complete X-ray scanner


2) MultiX for its new generation of X-ray multi energy spectrometric detectors. MultiX and its ME100 detector have been identified by key government administrations as the solution for the next generation of security systems for airports and critical infrastructure protection.


Exruptive targets their solution to be ready for airports from 2017.


About Exruptive

Exruptive is a Danish company developing an innovative integrated solution for the optimization of the security and commercial experience of travelers in international airports offering improved security at lower cost, better flow and increased revenue and efficiency in airport commercial areas. Exruptive targets airport owners, operators and retailers with a proprietary security screening solution for cabin baggage, as well as chargeable, system compatible context aware airport shopping trolleys offering an integrated or click-on touch screen platform for personalized traveler interaction, way finding and business intelligence acquisition.


About InnospeXion

Since 2000, InnospeXion has developed, designed, manufactured, and installed advanced solutions for product integrity assessment, using special X-ray imaging technologies. Such advanced X-ray technology solutions are applied in order to improve processes & products, to minimize waste and down-time, and to optimize the cost-efficiency in numerous production areas. Over the years, InnospeXion have provided over 150 second-to-none systems, tailored specific and stringent demands in continuous industrial process control. The solutions are supplied for a variety of industrial sectors, on a global level. The know-how and unique competence is a primary basis for the joint investment and the manufacturing of novel scanning technologies for airport security. InnospeXion is a privately owned, AAA-rated Danish company.


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About MultiX

MultiX supplies X-ray system manufacturers with advanced multi energy X-ray detector technology allowing OEMs to significantly reduce the false alarm rate of baggage screening systems for airports and critical infrastructure. Current X-ray detectors such as scintillators only integrate the deposited energy of the interacting photons (producing a ‘greyscale’ image), whereas a semi-conductor technology as utilized by the MultiX ME100 can return both the number and the energy distribution (‘spectrum’) of the X-rays. Therefore each pixel of the image is associated not with one value but with a spectrum. This allows to compare the attenuation data of each pixel or region of interest to a database or to calculate specific physical/chemical information using dedicated algorithms. The new X-ray detectors are also applicable to nondestructive testing (NDT) applications such as food processing, mining, recycling, waste product processing, petroleum production, forest products, packaging and many others.


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